“Ashley Davis is a superb editor. She has an amazing eye for detail, a terrific professional ethic, and great editorial instincts. I’ve used her on a number of my projects and she gets my highest recommendation.”
–Jonathan Maberry, New York Times best-selling author, lecturer, and Marvel Comics writer


“I can’t say enough good things about Ms. Davis. She is an exemplary editor who is affordable, fast, and exacting. Her grasp of English is second to none, and she also has a keen eye for plot inconsistencies and faulty characterization. I cannot give her a higher recommendation than to say that I will not work with any other editor but her from here on out.”
-Robert Duperre, Author


“I have worked with Ashley on several of my novels. I fully believe that any success I have had with my most recent work is a direct result of her efforts. She is professional, fast, and accurate, and I trust her work thoroughly. She is one of the best independent editors I have ever worked with.”
-Bryan Alaspa, Author


“Ashley provides excellent service with a high standard of accuracy and awesome flexibility.”
-Sara Reine, Author


“My novel ASBO wouldn’t be half the book it is without Ashley’s expert input.”
-Iain Rob Wright, Author of ASBO, Sea Sick, and The Final Winter.


“I’ve heard nothing but great things about Ashley from members of an online writing community, Kindleboards, so I decided to try her out. I was absolutely amazed by the detailed work she did with my short story. She’s very technical, and was very clear and precise in her explanations of her edits. She not only delivers super-fast service, but also top-notch quality. If you are an author who is pressed for time to get your manuscript out, Ashley is definitely a great editor to check out! Thanks for the great work you’ve done, Ashley!”
-R.M. Prioleau, Author


“Ashley is amazing to work with. Her incredible eye for detail catches everything from inconsistencies in character voice to grammar errors and everything in between. I especially love that she managed to significantly improve my novel while preserving my personal voice and style. I look forward to working with her on my future projects.”
-Kelly Walker, Author


“Ashley is the best editor I’ve ever worked with. She doesn’t miss a thing and she’s helped me become a better writer. If that weren’t enough, she’s also extremely fast. I wholeheartedly recommend her!”
-Kimberly Lauren, Author


“I will no longer publish any books without Ashley’s expert assistance. Her work is invaluable and I feel fortunate to have her in my corner.”
-Juliet Moore, Author


“Ashley is a pleasure to work with. She is fast, accurate, and responsive.  I plan on sending her many more projects in the future!”
-T.W. Piperbrook, Author


“I’m convinced that Ashley’s plethora of editing skills contributed to the success of my latest novel. She went above and beyond to complete the project in a short amount of time and delivered fantastic results in everything from grammatical issues to plot structure and character motivation.  I look forward to working with her again in the future. Highly recommended.”
-Ernie Lindsey, Author


“I am a native Dutch speaker who writes English fantasy novels, which can sometimes result in awkward turns of phrase. Since I decided to hire Ashley to edit my novels, I’ve stopped worrying about it. I’ve worked with her on two of my novels, and each of those novels came back with an extremely thorough set of corrections and comments. Not only did she fix pretty much any issue with spelling, grammar, and punctuation, she also fixed storyline issues and inconsistencies between the two books – while reading them in reverse order! To say I am a satisfied customer is an understatement. I will definitely be hiring her for my next books.”
-Jeroen Steenbeeke, Author


“Ashley Davis is that rare editor who somehow manages to provide a thorough, detail-oriented edit with a light touch. She’s a true professional.”
-Melissa F. Miller, author of the best-selling Sasha McCandless legal thriller series


“Ashley has an eagle eye for problems with language, grammar and readability, but for me that wasn’t even her greatest strength. She identified plot holes, inconsistencies, repetition, illogical behavior by characters and a host of other fatal flaws that most writers can’t see in their own work. Even more important, she has a gentle bedside manner that makes it easy to accept her input and keep on smiling.”
-Dave Conifer, Author


“Ashley was wonderful to work with. She was prompt, professional, and did an excellent job. Her sense of humor cracks me up, too. I recommend Ashley and would use her services again.”
-H.M. Ward, Author


“I cannot recommend Ashley highly enough. She provides an excellent service, with an eye for detail and a rigorous approach that has improved my work immeasurably. She’s also incredibly professional, and incredibly fast. You’re not supposed to be able to get all three of those things at once, so…that’s pretty awesome. I can’t imagine working with another editor.”
-Chloe Cox, Author


“Recently Ashley has proofed some of my novels and I can unreservedly recommend her. She is a first class professional with a swift turnaround. Rarely these days does one encounter such efficiency.”
-Guy N. Smith, Author


“From my initial contact with Ashley to the finished project, she was incredible to work with. Her responses were quick and timely, the edits were sharp, thorough and really helped point out issues I hadn’t seen and allowed me to polish the work to a place I am more than proud of. I am so glad that I had taken a chance on her reasonably-priced services. I’m glad to say I’ve booked her again for my next project.”
-John Grover, Author of Frozen Stiff: A Zombie Novella


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