About Us

Do you employ more than one editor?
Yes. While Ashley is currently handling all editing projects, we do keep at least one assistant editor on staff who is professionally trained and educated in writing and editing. Assistant editors primarily handle final proofreadings, review writing, blurbs, and other similar projects (though Ashley works on those things, as well). Note that all edits are done by Ashley unless otherwise specified. You will always know who is working on your projects.

Does the editor accept all submissions?
No. If a manuscript needs more work than the editor is able to provide or if an author is unwilling to make the necessary changes, the editor will not be able to help you. If the editor is overbooked, she may also reject your submission and ask you to re-submit at a later time.

Do you catch every error?
No. No one is perfect, and when you have a human editing your manuscript, it’s not going to be perfect 100% of the time. We strive for perfection, however, and are usually able to catch 98-100% of errors.

Do you edit only in the genres specified on your website?
No. The editor has experience editing in a wide range of genres. If you are looking for someone who edits in a specific genre, email the editor for details on relevant experience.

Why should I hire you for my editing instead of a large company?
Independent editors are able to give more personal attention to your work than a large company that employs many editors. Also, some big editing companies often employ lower-quality editors in order to maximize their product output–basically, quantity over quality. Because our turnaround time and quality are so much better than what many of these companies can provide, we don’t feel that our services would fit in well with their business models. The downside to hiring a freelancer is that it is harder to find the good ones. We have the experience and references to back up the quality of our editing services. We are always happy to provide you with additional references who can tell you about their experiences with us, as well.

Is my submission confidential?
Yes. All documents you send as well as all personal information is kept confidential and will not be shared with others. All staff who correspond with you or handle your emails/documents have signed non-disclosure agreements.

How does your service compare to other editors doing similar work?
Similar editing services charge up to four or five times as much for a similar finished product. Other editors are also unable to match our turnaround times, and certainly cannot match our rush editing services in terms of both productivity and expeditiousness. Typical editing services will give time estimates upward of 3 weeks for a detailed line edit and literary analysis for a 100,000-word manuscript. Typical full edits cost 3-5 cents per word. Our rates are substantially below that.



What is the second proofreading option and why do I need it?
Once you have made the final changes to your document based on Ashley’s edits, you will submit the document back to us and one of our editors will give it a final proofreading to make sure that no more mistakes have appeared and that all changes are error-free. Lots of things can go wrong with a manuscript while you are making the final changes, so we strongly encourage writers to do this. It’s important to make sure that additional mistakes have not been introduced into the manuscript after the author had made the final changes.

Do you do blurb writing?
Yes. We would be happy to work with you to write a blurb for your book. Ashley usually works with one of our assistant editors to write blurbs. We charge $50/blurb.

Do you write reviews?
Yes. Note that all reviews will be honest and upfront. We usually keep several writers on staff who primarily handle our book reviewing. If you wish to have the editor herself write a review, please contact her directly. All reviews are at the discretion of the editor.



What is the procedure for submitting samples?
Please schedule your sample edit with our assistant editor. You will be asked to submit your sample in .doc or .docx format. Note that due to workload and time constraints, the editor will only edit the first three pages of a submitted sample document.

How far in advance do I need to book?
Our schedule varies from week to week. Please contact us as early as possible to ensure that you are able to get a slot within your proposed timeframe. We are currently booking up to 1 year in advance. We are occasionally able to schedule clients within 1 month of their request, but we encourage you to contact us at least 2 months in advance.

What do I do if I need a rush edit?
If you need a rush edit, contact the editor as soon as possible, giving all of the relevant information in your initial email (book length, your writing background, the kind of editing your project needs, and the proposed timeframe). Include a 1-3 page sample of your work if possible. We will get back to you within several hours to discuss the project in more detail. We are usually able to schedule rush edits immediately, unless you contact us at the end of the week or on a weekend. Note that the editor does not schedule rush edits on weekends.

What happens if I need to cancel my appointment?
Please contact us within five days of your approved date to cancel or change your appointment.

What if I am late submitting my manuscript?
If you do not submit by noon (Central Time) on the Monday of your scheduled week, then your work will be pushed back several days and you may receive your finished manuscript several days later than initially planned.


Financial Services

How do I pay you?
We invoice through PayPal. Our assistant editor is available for all payment-related questions.

Will the editor work for me for a percentage of the profits?
No. If your book generates no profits, the editor would then be working for you for free. Editing prices reflect the time and effort spent on your project.

What if I can’t pay the invoice amount?
Since the amount was agreed upon when you entered into the original work agreement, the editor will not work on your manuscript until the deposit has been received.

How often do you raise rates?
We raise our editing rates approximately twice a year. The price change reflects overall increases in market rates as well as the expense of expanding our business in order to offer clients a more polished product. We have also added additional services to our basic editing package.



May I ask the editor for references?
Yes. We are more than happy to provide references. However, you must have already submitted a sample and given your full contact information before the editor will release that information to you.

Can Ashley really read that fast?
Yes. However, keep in mind that just because the editor reads that fast, it doesn’t mean that she edits that quickly. Editing takes much longer and requires a lot more concentration than reading. Our assistant editor does not read as fast, and so her work will take a bit longer than Ashley’s. Note that we will never sacrifice quality for speed.

Should the editor’s name be in the preface/acknowledgements of my book?
If you have accepted most of the suggested changes that the editor provided you with and you have not significantly changed the manuscript since the editor worked on it, then you may list her name as the editor.

What do you charge for art services?
For a price quote on cover art, illustrations, or other art services, clients should contact the artist. You may contact Matthew directly at the email address listed on his page on this website or through our main email address.

What if my question isn’t answered here?
Contact us at ashleydaviseditor@gmail.com or evensongediting@gmail.com. You will receive a reply within 48 hours.