Editing Services

Editing Services

The regular editing package includes a basic proofreading and copyedit/line edit, as well as a full literary analysis, with commentary on plotting, characterization, structure, style, and other literary elements. It also includes research in necessary places and fact-checking. A basic edit consists of 8-10 thorough readings of the piece, as well as several backwards readings (backwards readings allow the editor to check for formatting and atypical typographical errors). The finished draft will be ready 7-14 days after submission.

Rush editing services are available. Depending on the length and complexity of a manuscript, the draft can be edited and returned to the client within 24-72 hours of submission.

We are now offering a new add-on service to our basic editing package for clients who would like a second proofreading of their manuscript after they have made the final changes to their document based on Ashley’s edits. Once the author has finished making changes, the document will be submitted back to us and one of our assistant editors will give it a final proofreading to make sure that no more mistakes have appeared and that all changes are error-free. We highly recommend this option in order to minimize errors in your manuscript. This option is available for a nominal fee, which varies based on the length of the manuscript. Please contact us for a quote.

Ashley also offers higher-level editing services, including re-write assistance, ghostwriting, plot restructuring, storyline analysis, and assistance for authors during the primary writing process.

We currently employ one assistant editor, Alicia Finn Noack. Alicia is highly skilled and educated in the fields of writing and editing, and she is available for blurb writing, review writing, proofreading, beta reading, and many other editing services. Note that all edits are done by Ashley unless otherwise specified. You will always know who is working on your manuscript.

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Please contact Ashley to schedule your editing appointment at least 10 days prior to your desired date.

Ashley schedules clients on a weekly basis. Clients should submit their manuscripts in .doc or .docx format on the Sunday prior to the date they are scheduled for (your appointment “date” will be on a Monday, so you will need to submit your draft the day before that date).

Ashley is currently accepting projects for 2014 and 2015. We recommend that you reserve your spot 1-3 months in advance of your proposed appointment date.